Fall bite heating up!

The changing of the season has brought on cooling air and water temperatures all around the Northwest.  This has stimulated the Fall bite as the fish get ready for the winter to come.  Smallmouth Bass fishing has been really good on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.  The shad fry have been moving down the river for a few weeks now and spinnerbiats, swimbaits and white or chrome crankbaits have been producing nice sized fish.  Focus on points and current lines to target these fish at depths from 5-25 feet deep.  A variety of soft plastic baits and jigs are also working well, with the occasional topwater bite.  Fish in the four to five pound class are not uncommon at this time of year.  Local Reservoirs are also producing some nice Largemouth with the focus being on points, ledges and river channels.  They are especially good if you find stumps on them as well.  Deep crankbaits as well as Soft plastics in green pumpkin at about 15-20 feet, with the occasional shallower fish on reaction baits.

Fishing Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are my favorite way to catch bass.  Many people only fish them in the spring time when the bass start moving shallow.  Spinnerbaits catch fish long after bass leave the shallows in late spring.  You can move off shore to weed beds or just hit a wind blown point or bank in the summer time.  Fall can be a great time fish the bait over deep water when the fish are focused on schooling baitfish.  Throw your bait out and let it fall and flutter down through the ball of baitfish and then slowly retrieve it back under the schools of bait.  Many times your bait won't even make it down through the balls of bait.  If you loose contact with your spinnerbait or loose the feel of the blades fluttering down, set the hook as it will be an eager bass and many times this will be a good one!  A tip to always remember is vary your retrieve and always bump the stump, log, rock or stick with your spinnerbait as it will often trigger a strike.  Use a long sensitive rod when fishing spinnerbaits, my personal choice is a Dobyns Champion Extreme 743 S/H paired with a Daiwa Tatula R100HL with 15 pound Suffix Siege clear.